The first time I read about professional organizers was in 2011. I said 'No kidding, people do this as a business?' and was inspired. I was already organizing rooms and projects in my 1063 sq. ft. home to make it work for us as a family while raising three kids. I also gladly helped others find solutions to their crowded and congested spaces and never felt overwhelmed, though they were quite chaotic at times. I knew if people felt comfortable enough to work with me I could help them make amazing progress, no matter how bad the situation. 

So I designed a banner and launched my business walking in the July 4th parade in Gloucester. It was my way of telling the world I was here. From there I got deeper into the industry and met others who were doing this important work when I joined NAPO. Later I joined my local Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce. I seek out ongoing professional and business development through many venues to grow and be the best at what I do. I love my work and you get all the benefits. 

Weekdays 8 am - 5 pm
Saturdays by request
(E) Jennifer@OrganizeThatCapeAnn.com
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