Too Much Stuff for Too Long

Living With Less Simplifies Your Life
Disorganization is the result of not-so-great systems and lots of 'for later' decisions that end up being piles of stuff in every room and overwhelmed storage areas. Time spent searching for items can be frustrating and stressful. It’s a difficult way to live. Many of you understand this pain all too well. Family and friends may not want to go the distance in your efforts to downsize.

This is the work I love to do.

As we work together I help you think about your spaces. We discuss what are the best solutions for you and those you live with. Learning new ways to organize your home will make your day-to-day life LESS complicated. I help you solve your most difficult organizing issues quickly using strategies you may had not considered that could end up working very well. 

3 Huge Benefits To Work Together

You are not alone You have scheduled our time and made a commitment. You will feel the relief that finally, you can tackle some overdue downsizing and work on areas that have been difficult for you. No more jumping around from one project to the next.

You find clarity. As we talk through obstacles you will find more clarity for your goals. Where initially you were overwhelmed, you will learn to make confident decisions.

You gain momentum. Instead of feeling stuck you will discover little by little things are clearing out. It feels wonderful. Our time together teaches you new ways to organize and keeps your spaces peaceful.

No two organizing projects are alike. All de-cluttering decisions will be made by you as we work together to create a plan to get more simplicity into your every day life by being better organized.

$225 for 3-hour session

How to Prepare for Our Time

To avoid distractions, please do a few things to prepare. Cancellation charges may apply if you leave early.

Stay physically availableThis means not checking texts and emails, picking up the dog or kids or leaving the project. Clear your commitments, silence your phone and enjoy the progress.

Stay mentally available. Be rested up, wear comfortable clothing and make sure you eat before we begin. Having water nearby is good.

Stay emotionally available. There will be lots of decisions to be made but we will do it together. If you have concerns we can talk about them ahead of time.

What others say:
"Jennifer knows how to get a job done. As we worked together, she listened and in her kind and honest way helped me establish goals. When I lacked vision for how to meet those goals, Jennifer was right there with a plan that worked. She was full of ideas, full of energy, and willing to put those to work on my behalf. I’ve seen her bring this energy and skill to a wide range of projects such as home and office organizing, time management, and event planning. I highly recommend Jennifer and Organize That Cape Ann."  Trudy,  Gloucester, MA