Just what you need, when you need it 
When your home is overcrowded with too many things you can feel overwhelmed. With a plan, little by little we tackle things, one area at a time. Not all at once. You are probably ready to start getting rid of some things because there is no longer a place for it all. I can help you with the details and keep the bigger picture in place: simplicity. All de-cluttering decisions will be made by you as we work together to organize your spaces. 


It is hard to be productive when your office is messy 
Piles of papers, can't find what you need and lots of frustration. Disorganization can be a plethora of not-so-great systems. I help you with all the paper piles and find organizational ways that work really well for you. With ongoing assessing, I create a successful work environment. Entrepreneur? Would you like this help for your office to stay successful? I use Evernote and SnapScan to begin the process of making your office more paperless.


Overwhelmed with your closets?
Stop fumbling around in crowded dark closets that don't showcase your shoes and clothes. A good layout providing a place for everything creates your own 'store' to shop for the perfect outfit every day. I provide for you recommendations that will make a difference to gain better organization. I worked several years with THE CONTAINER STORE learning how to do wonderful layouts for luxury built-in closet designs and those great Elfa systems and organized them with joy. I will walk you through the whole process and together we get it all done. 


Don't take it with you!
You will love the value of clearing out things you no longer want or need before you move. Over time you have acquired more stuff than you want or can use and now you need to make decisions about it. I work with you every step of the way to make sure your move goes smoothly. As your professional organizer, we set goals together and I provide steady hands-on sorting and packing support so you are ready for your moving in/out day.


"Jennifer knows how to get a job done. As we worked together, she listened and in her kind and honest way helped me establish goals. When I lacked vision for how to meet those goals, Jennifer was right there with a plan that worked. She was full of ideas, full of energy, and willing to put those to work on my behalf. I’ve seen her bring this energy and skill to a wide range of projects such as home and office organizing, time management, and event planning. I highly recommend Jennifer and Organize That Cape Ann."  

T.S. Gloucester, MA