Need A Speaker For Your Group?

Host this presentation at your next group. This presentation will inspire more clarity so you can figure out your next steps to better organize your home. Now is the perfect time to begin projects and this will give you ideas and ways to complete them with confidence. Storage areas, guests rooms, closets, playrooms, offices and the kitchen--all your rooms can be tackled. Imagine a time set aside to learn from an expert to discuss how to organize your most difficult spaces in a relaxed and fun way. 

Who Would Love This?

Just to name a few: Ladies' Night Out Group, Church Group, Mother’s Group, Seniors' Group, Young Adult Groups, Community Library Event, School Fundraiser Event, Neighborhood Event, Holiday Event, Newly Marrieds Group, First Home/Apartment Dwellers, Growing Changing Families.

There are two ways to provide a location to meet.

  1. One way is for you to invite a group of people who would benefit from this topic and I would come to speak.
  2. Another way is for me to provide the venue (20 seats) and you invite your people to come to my downtown Gloucester location.

The presentation is about 40-45 minutes long. We allow time for questions and discussion after maximizing our time together so plan on a two hour event. It is alot of fun and creates good conversations. It can be projected on a flat screen TV using the correct cords or use a slide projector and screen/wall.

Scheduling is best when it is a month or two out. This gives everyone time to hear about it, promote it and make plans in advance.

Fee: $199. You can charge individuals to come or cover the fee in whatever way is best for you. I am available after the presentation to visit with your group and address more of their questions one on one. This is not a hard sell opportunity for me and I would only make my materials available and guests can decide for themselves if they wanted to schedule organizing time. It's all about your group and providing a topic of interest to them.