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Need a speaker for your group?

Why not host this presentation at your next group? Attendees tell me they were inspired with more clarity on what they need to focus on. Now is the perfect time to begin projects and organize the house. Storage areas, guests rooms, closets, and the kitchen--all need a fresh start. 

Imagine a time set aside to learn from an expert to discuss how to better organize your home.  A relaxed time to ask questions and be inspired to get the help you need. Finally, you can have a plan to target the areas of clutter and start living with more simplicity.

Who would love this?

  • Ladies' Night Out Group
  • Small Business Group
  • Church Group
  • Seniors' Group
  • Community Library Event
  • School Fundraiser Event
  • Newly Marrieds
  • Young Adult Groups
  • Mother's Group
  • First Home/Apartment Dwellers
  • Growing/Changing Family

Host this at your next group

"I absolutely want to let you know how much I appreciated your presentation. I found it full of useful information, "sweetly" and gently given. It focused on those most common clutter areas and provided clear and concise steps to bring things under control.  And not just what others may see as right or best, but what is best for THEM.  A very positive and overall encouraging approach to bringing order out of chaos. Thanks again." DS, Gloucester, MA