Our Goals Are The Same - To Get You Organized! 

On-Site Organizing
$225 for 3-hour session (minimal time)
Payable at the end of the session

Virtual Organizing
$60 an hour - phone or FaceTime
Payable via PayPal, and use your time as needed.

Payable by check, credit card, or PayPal for virtual organizing, after each session.

Cancellation Policy
Requires 24 hours notice or $45 fee will apply.


Benefits of Working Together

  • Problem-solving is more dynamic, energizing, even fun.
  • No more jumping around from one thing to the next.
  • Positive, and clear communication keeps your project moving forward.
  • Creative solutions are suggested you may not have considered.
  • No more procrastination because working together gets you unstuck.
  • When it becomes too difficult to do alone or you simply want more solutions. Two is better than one.
  • Working together will make the decluttering process more efficient and you will love the progress!

"Jennifer Lyon was outstanding. She was prompt in responding to design requests, texts, and emails. I was blown away at how available and dedicated she was. We would definitely call her again if we decided we needed more design services."  Contained Home Client