Jennifer Lyon,
Professional Organizer

(978) 500-7709


"I can highly recommend Jennifer for any project that needs to be done.  She has been working with me downsizing my residence and she knows how to help you set goals and get things accomplished in a big way. Her can-do attitude has enabled me to do clean-up projects that I would never have been able to do on my own.  I'm looking forward to the sessions to come to help me stay on track. Thank you, Jennifer! "  KT, Gloucester, MA




When I work with people I try to find new ways that will help them become more organized. They often tell me that having too much stuff makes their day to day more difficult. I enjoy helping them with the process of having less and finding solutions. 

In 2010 I worked for a company that moved out of state and I knew this was my opportunity to start my own business. I have always had a knack for knowing what needed to be done to help the overwhelmed and harness large projects with ease. When I discovered how deeply this benefited others it became a passion. Over time it became my business to help people organize their home and office. Collaborating with clients I solve their organizing issues quickly using strategies they had not considered but end up working very well for them. 

It’s funny for me to remember how I discovered the organizing industry while reading a book. It was the first time I had heard about it and I paused and said 'No way, people do this for a business?' and was inspired to pursue more education and training and meet others who were doing this important work. That’s when I learned about NAPO and have been a member since 2011. I receive ongoing professional and business development through many many venues. I love my work and you get all the benefits.

A little about me:

What is your favorite color: Green
Where do you like to shop: My local Ace Hardware Store
What is your favorite drink: Chilled Sangria with friends
What is your favorite snack: My homemade kettle corn with maple syrup
What is your favorite sport: Walking on Long Beach
Where do you like to eat: Causeway's Fish N Chips
What do you like to watch on TV: Home Makeover Shows
What is your favorite season: Spring (and Fall)
How do you volunteer your time: I am a founding member of an Arts Ministry Team that promotes the integration of faith and the arts. We are dedicated to events that exhibit art shows, lyceums, live performances, authors, and arts & crafts of all kinds from the faith community and neighborhood.
Something important to you: 
In my business, I have a Clover Policy that promises to eco-organize (re-purpose) when possible to promote green living for the next generation. Clover is my granddaughter so this is important to me.

I hope we get a chance to meet soon.