When it becomes too difficult to do alone or you simply want more solutions.

If clutter has become an unwanted companion in your home or business, it may be affecting you physically, emotionally or spiritually. Maybe it is affecting those you live or work with. Too much stuff can take up residence longer than you planned. The good news? You can reclaim your space. Here are a few ways I help you:
  • Problem-solving is dynamic, energizing, even fun.
  • Find creative solutions you may not have considered.
  • No more procrastination, working together gets you unstuck.
  • Together, we find what works best for you. 

Home Organizing
"Jennifer is gifted with what I consider incredible organizing skills which she graciously used to help me organize my tiny house. She saw and understood what needed to be done. Spaces that weren't being utilized were effectively dealt with to make my life easier.

I really like the fact that she suggested solutions and then I made the choices. This was especially helpful when I was deciding whether to keep or throw out an item.

NS, Lanesville, MA