What is the process?

"Thanks for the happy card and for your thoughts. You have been a great impetus to get things done and when I get through some more stacks, there will be more for you to do with me. You are fun to be with and have great insight into things, stuff, and people! 🙂 "  
SL, Gloucester, MA

It's easy. In fact, really easy.
Once we arrange a mutual date and time we will discuss areas you want more organization in your home or office. Have in mind some suggested dates and times before we talk.

You can send photos to help me scope your situation. I'm not easily overwhelmed or shocked by much. I've seen a lot, so don't be embarrassed. Just relax and enjoy that help is on the way! This enables me to see things as you do and understand the challenges you may be having.

We schedule an on-site consultation to assess and see in-person your project and take my own photos. Sometimes I take a few measurements, depending on the project. Either way it takes about an hour.
After you decide you are ready to begin we schedule appointments, usually weekly, on our calendars. This is my commitment to you and your project to ensure good results. We keep scheduling until you are comfortable with the end result of your project. It is important to meet weekly for momentum.

Together we would work in 3 to 4 hour sessions. Most people work best in that time frame and many decisions are made. Sometimes the work is very physical as items are boxed up to be donated and trash is bagged and perhaps put on the curb. It is possible to schedule an all day session to speed a project up. You will decide which you prefer and let me know.

I do have an Agreement Form for you to sign. Where there are times a cancelation is needed I do have a Cancelation Policy requiring a 24 hour notice or a cancelation fee of $50 applies. Payment is due at the end of each session. I accept cash, check or credit card. 

Sometimes people say "Will you make me get rid of all my stuff?" Chances are you are probably ready to start getting rid of some things because there is no longer a place for it all. De-cluttering decisions will be made by you as we work together. Guidance is given when needed but you make the final decision. If you were not ready to part with some things you wouldn't have called and I understand this. You are never forced to get rid of something, but I am there to help you reach your goals to downsize and live a simpler life.

The things you keep meaning to do but haven't been able to do alone will start getting done. The process is very satisfying and you will enjoy all the benefits of being more organized.

"Jennifer, you are so understanding of the stages people have to go through to get ORGANIZED! Thank you, I so much appreciate you. " NS, Gloucester, MA