FREE 3o minute phone visit is available to anyone just interested in knowing more. I am excited to hear about your project. I've made this easy for you to schedule this time:  Click HERE.  

$50 Consultation - is an on-site hour initial consultation that allows me to see your project and for us to talk at length about your goals and ideas. This is usually scheduled during our phone visit. I take measurements for any spaces that need a design (storage, pantry, closets) and we discuss a plan. This could also be meeting at The Container Store to look at products and closets to discuss together.

Organizing time is also easily scheduled on my calendar:  Click HERE.
If we have met by phone and you want to get started you can schedule organizing time right on my calendar. I work in 3-hour sessions and if available, it is possible to schedule an all-day session to speed your project up. We can also work beyond our scheduled time if it works for both of us. 

"Thanks for the happy card and for your thoughts. You have been a great impetus to get things done and when I get through some more stacks, there will be more for you to do with me. You are fun to be with and have great insight into things, stuff, and people! 🙂 "  
SL, Gloucester, MA