1. FREE INITIAL 30 MINUTE PHONE VISIT.  I am excited to hear about your project and organizing needs so tell me whatever is on your heart and mind. Dream on, there are wonderful solutions available for you.
  2. ON-SITE CONSULTATION can be arranged prior to starting if you wish.  I am not easily overwhelmed or shocked, I have seen a lot—so don't be embarrassed. Just relax and enjoy that help is on the way.  This takes about an hour.
  3. SCHEDULE APPOINTMENTS  in 3 or 4-hour sessions once you decide you are ready to begin and use the hours you have purchased. This is my commitment to you and your project to ensure great results. Most people work best in that time frame and many decisions are made. Sometimes the work is very physical as items are boxed up to be donated and trash is bagged and perhaps put on the curb. It is possible to schedule an all day session to speed a project up. You will decide which you prefer and let me know.

AGREEMENT FORM - I do have an Agreement Form for you to sign that I will send electronically.

CANCELATION POLICY - Where there are times a cancellation is needed I do require a 24-hour notice or a cancellation fee may apply.

“Wow, my house is starting to look like someone would want to live here!” - SH

"Thank you so much for helping my husband to feel at ease with the organizing process. We are so grateful for your expertise." - HU

"Thanks for the happy card and for your thoughts. You have been a great impetus to get things done and when I get through some more stacks, there will be more for you to do with me. You are fun to be with and have great insight into things, stuff, and people! 🙂 "  
SL, Gloucester, MA