How much will it cost?

Believe it or not, no two organizing jobs are alike.
The pace in which people are able to move through the decisions and stay focused are different from person to person. Working together makes things go quicker, but there may be times when I can complete part of a job and consult you on critical decisions. So the length of a job is completely different each time. It's usually around nine to ten hours for a single room working typically in three hour sessions at a time. Working all day or multiple days in a row is an option too if you are on a time crunch with a project. Often there are products and materials needed to maximize your efficiency and function too. The costs involved will be an estimation, but if you have any questions we will discuss them.

When people unearth their piles they have been known to find valuable things, including money. They find:

  • Gift cards and certificates (Oh! I will use that tonight!
  • They find uncashed checks, lost cash and coin purses (Oh wow, I can't believe we found this!).
  • They often find valuable, sentimental items they thought were lost for good (**tears**Oh! I was wondering where that went!).  

Now I can’t promise this will happen for everyone, but it never surprises me when it does.

Please feel free to call to discuss the estimated cost of your organizing needs at 978 500-7709 at which time an on-site consultation is recommended so have a date and time in mind.