NEW! 20% off Rates
For January and February 

$60 an hour booked for 3-hour or more sessions.
$75 an hour for a single hour.

Payment is easily made by check or credit card at the end of each session.

FREE 30 minute phone visit? 

You can schedule your phone call on my calendar HERE
This gives us a chance to talk about your goals and ideas. It's your time and it's free. If you need an on-site consultation we can decide at this time. 


You can schedule your consultation on my calendar HERE
 $50 an hour for an on-site consultation when more clarity for your space is needed. 

Ready to begin?

Go ahead and schedule your organizing time on my calendar HERE 
When you are ready to start, we schedule time in 3-hour sessions or more. If we are both available, we can go beyond the minimum or do several days in a row to complete your project sooner. If so, payment can be arranged weekly. 

Payment is by check or credit card at the end of the day. I do have a cancellation policy of 24 hours notice or a $45 fee will apply.

I will send a TERMS AND AGREEMENT POLICY for you to view and requires a signature.

Estimated times to consider:

Kitchens - 1-2 sessions
Closets - 2-3 sessions
Home Offices - 3-4+ sessions
Businesses - 5-6+ sessions


"Jennifer Lyon was outstanding. She was prompt in responding to design requests, texts, and emails. I was blown away at how available and dedicated she was. We would definitely call her again if we decided we needed more design services." 

Contained Home Client